Groundwork Elizabeth
Following my university education, I served as lead designer for Groundwork Elizabeth, a non-profit organization founded in Elizabeth NJ. The initiative focused on creating programs and projects that educate in order to improve and enhance the local underserved community. By working on the community's health through accessible programs and the development of a health-centered culture, I learned the importance of working with communities to make a fundamental impact on the quality of the environment and youth. During my time here I worked on various projects such as logos, t-shirts, flyers, invitations, and a vision for the Elizabeth MicroFarm that served as an educational resource that provides service-based learning opportunities for the surrounding community.
The Magical Food Mobile
The Magical Food Mobile is a traveling food market that serves the needs of our at-risk communities by providing healthy and locally grown nutritious food. The project involved branding, illustrated typography, and assets such as business cards and t-shirts.
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